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M&DI? Flooring

M&DI offers a full line of specialty flooring materials, including epoxies, polyurethanes, cementitious voerlays, dry-shake and liquid hardeners etc.

Kalsit? Walling

A Eco walling with selected minerals, rocks and polymer additives. Fire-resistant, water-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-resistant, breathable, easy to clean.

Roof Guard? Roofing

Compatible with all existing roofing materials on the market, the unique asphalt primer eliminates all the troubles caused by the removal of the original roofing asphalt.


Urethane Sealant,Extend T,Cleaning Agent,Butyl tape, Traffic Line. Truly realize One-step building materials services.

About Us

M&DI Inc is a recognized specialty building material manufacturer supplying the contruction industry with innovative flooring, roofing, concrete repari products and engineering grouts. With it headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, M&DI Inc has developed a wide distributor network in United States, China and ASEAN. To implement the international inaction strategy, M&DI China Co., Ltd., was funded in July,2021.

Furthermore, the establishment of three production bases reduce the transportation costs to a minimum:

  • Xuzhou, Jiangsu
  • Suzhou , Jiangsu
  • Xuancheng, Anhui

Together with our certified contractors, we have provided many successful solutions and services for the clients from a wide range of industries in the past decade, including flooring, walling and roofing. M&DI is committed to being an industry-leading solution and service provider, and to building a better world by developing and manufacturing more innvovative and sustainable building materials for the future.

Excellent Dealers


Brand Funded


Shanghai Company


Production Bases



Products and Solutions

M&DI® is committed to being an industry-leading solution and service provider, and to building a better world by developing and manufacturing more innovative and sustainable building materials for the future.

美安地, 金剛砂, 耐磨, 非金屬

Dry-shake Floor Hardener

M-Cemt 7000 Non-metallic
M-Cemt 7500 Metallic Aggregates
M-Cemt 7700 Alloy Metallic

美安地, 硬化劑, 固化劑, 液體硬化劑

Sealer / hardener / Densifier

M-Seal 7100 Potassium
M-Seal 7120 Lithium
M-Seal 7160 Sodium

美安地, 凱思特, 仿石飾面, 耐霉

Inorganic Coatings

Kalsit? Flooring Systems
M&DI® Cementitious Overlays

美安地, 環(huán)氧, 自流平, 地坪, 美國


M-Coat 10: Primer
M-Coat 16 RY: Reduced Yellowing Resin
M-Coat 1008: Self Leveling
M-Coat 1008 CQ: Colorful Quartz SL

美安地, 聚氨酯, 自流平, 彈性, 裝飾, 地坪


M-Coat 2000: Flexible Urethane Coatings
M-Green 2100: Waterborne Urethane Topcoat
M-Top 2200: Super Abrasion Urethane Topcoat
M-Coat 3100: Urethane Mortar Screed

美安地, 屋面衛士, 防水, 隔熱, 反射

Roof GuardTM Waterproof

M-Roof 60: Primer
M-Roof 66: Asphalt Base Primer
M-Roof 6100: Water-based、Flexible Topcoat
M-Top 2200: Urethane Topcoat

美安地, 防靜電, 第三代, 顆粒型, 彩砂防靜電, ESD, antistatic


M-Stat 1016 AS: Particulate
M-Stat 1005 AS: Anti-static SL
M-Stat 1026 AS: Anti-static Colorful Quartz SL

美安地, 防腐蝕, 地坪, 化工


Please request a corrosion protection comparison table from M&DI

美安地, 地坪, 防火A級, 地下車(chē)庫


M-U 209
M-Stat 1016 AS Kalsit Walling reached fireproof grade A

美安地, 聚氨酯砂漿, 中央廚房, 食品飲料, 耐熱, 低溫,冷庫, 地坪

Thermal Shock

M-Coat 3100: -40~+120oC

美安地, 超耐磨, 聚氨酯, 地坪, 耐黃變, 嘯叫, 胎噪


M-Top 2200 came to China in 2006 and swept the entire floor circle.
Dry-shake and liquid hardener are also great

美安地, 裝飾性, 地坪, 彈性聚氨酯, 彩砂, 磨石


M-E 200 CQ: Colorful Quartz SL
M-E 202 CQ: Color Quartz
M-E 300 ET: Epoxy Terrozaa
M-U 200: Urethane SL
M-U 202: Urethane Flake

Excellent Dealers

They are important partners in the development of M&DI®. Because of them, M&DI® has a broad market development space in China.

Fei Yu

Shanghai Sufan Building Decoration Engineeing Co., Ltd.


Gang Shao

Shanghai Chenzishu Construction&Development Co., Ltd.


Case Studies

Since the establishment of the brand in 2009, the influence of M&DI ® in the industry and society has become more and more and more and has won wide popularity. Working with contractors, we have completed one high-quality project after another.

CNNC Shanghai Headquarters

The carpark floor is an important business card, which allows visiting customers to intuitively feel the strength, style, quality requirements and management capabilities of the enterprise. Therefore, at the beginning of the project, CNNC put forward high applicability requirements for the carpark floor coating: 1) with crack bridge capacity; 2) Super abrasion resistance; 3) Anti-slip performance; 4) Reduce tire marks, whistling, beautiful, easy to clean, etc. M&DI? M-U 209 perfectly meets these requirements. The fine rough surface effect of the system takes into account the necessary anti-slip performance and easy cleaning requirements, and the chemical resistance and yellowing resistance of the material further improve the applicability of the entire flooring system.

Project: CNNC Shanghai Headquarters Carpark Coating
System: M-U 209(M&DI® Flexbile Urethane Flooring System)
Yard: 25,000 square Meters
Contractor: Shanghai Sufan Building Decoration Engineeing Co., Ltd.
Completion Date: June 2023

  • M-U 209
  • Primer: M-Coat 10
    Flexible SL: M-Coat 2000
    Urethane Topcoat: M-Top 2200

Shanghai Changxing Marine High-tech Investment and Development Co., Ltd

The project is located in Shanghai Changxing Island, the mouth of the Yangtze River, the geographical location of the estuary determines that for the basement wall coating, it not only needs to meet the fireproof grade A, environmental protection and other needs, but also has the following requirements than the conventional: 1) water and moisture resistance, 2) mold resistance. Kalsit? wall system is a kind of selected mineral rock and polymer additives of healthy and environmentally friendly natural decoration materials. And it can be directly applied to concrete, block walls or columns and ceilings, replacing concrete plastering, putty leveling and paint surfaces, truly explaining what is cheap and beautiful.

Project: Carpark Wall Coating
System: Kalsit? Walling Systems
Yard: 110,000 Square Meters
Contractor: Shanghai Chenzishu Construction&Development Co., Ltd.
Start Date: May 2023

  • Kalsit? Walling Sytem
  • Primer: M-Green 07
    Base Coat: M-Wall 7310
    Imitation Stone Finish: M-Wall 7300

Nanjing Financial City

The helipad on the roof of the building must not only withstand the perennial sun and rain, but also the paint will not fade and age; There are also the following requirements: waterproof. Not only is the natural color of the material waterproof, but it must also be able to meet the water seepage caused by floor cracking. It can't rain heavily outside and light rain indoors. Roof GuardTM is compatible with a wide range of roofing materials that are emerging on the market, such as metal roofing, concrete roofing (in this case), and can even be applied directly to asphalt surfaces. By spraying or brushing several Roof GuardTM waterproof primers and topcoats, the roof is integrated into a film, the whole seal, no seams and other missing points, so as to ensure excellent waterproofing ability, aesthetics and bearing capacity.

Project: Rooftop helipad
System: Roof GuardTM System
Yard: 2,000 Square Meters
COntractor: Shanghai Kangye Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Completion Date: Oct 2022

  • Roof GuardTM System
  • Primer: M-Roof 60
    Self Leveling: M-Roof 6100
    Urethane Topcoat: M-Top 2200

Laboratories, Hospitals, Operating Rooms, Clean Rooms, Assisted Living and Veterinary Clinics

M&DI offers a complete packages of specialty epxoy, polyurethane, and vinyl ester resin floor and wall systems designed to cater for all areas within pharmaceutical facilities. The line of seamless, non-slip resin floors help create sterile and cleanable conditions that comply with strict pharmaceutical and healthcare industry standards. Due to their excellent stain and chemical resistance, our decorative systems can be easily maintained and deliver long-lasting aesthetics.

  • Seamless floor: M-E 200, M-E 200 CQ
  • Decorative finishes: M-U 200, M-U 201, M-E 300 ET
  • Wall Coating:M-E 110


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